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Feb 5th, 2016 my 2nd Dr. Feller & BloxHam procedure

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:) A week past and pulling through. Thank you Dr. Feller and Dr. BloxHam for your compassion and giving me hope for a better day and for helping many others. The office staff are awesome starting with front office Kathy who went above and beyond from expediting my procedure appointment to promptly communicating with me via phone and email.


Humbled to meet Dr. BloxHam for the first time, because during 1st procedure I didn't get to see him at the clinic. I arrived at the clinic around 7:40 am took me a while to get a taxi due to snow conditions. Dr. Feller was already there and he greeted me and told me to hang around and to make myself comfortable watching T.V or use rest room. As usual feeling at ease around Dr. Feller and feeling you are truly in trusted hands. A few minutes later, Dr. BloxHam came in and I had never met greet me by name. Dr. BloxHam so kind and caring throughout the procedure he would ask me if I feel pain. Dr. Feller did procedure in the past so he can relate to my pain, but shockingly I felt that Dr. BloxHam was very much understanding to what I am going through. The hardest part is the first anesthesia needles but soon after you start to feel numbness.


Thanks to all the technicians Kathy, Bella, Stephanie, Cynthia, Rosa, Lucy, and Beljinder. The staff were so caring to the point that I was afraid to express pain because they will go above and beyond, because I wanted to get over the procedure. Even if I told the technicians please keep going they won't listen. They'll rather call the doctor to administer more anesthesia this way I don't feel pain. 1st procedure about a year ago Dr. feller gave me his direct cell phone number to call him if anything anytime. This procedure Dr. BloxHam went through the post procedure care with me for the second time as previously I was informed by technician Kathy. Dr. BloxHam provided me with his direct cell phone number.


Is been a week since my procedure and going through the healing process. I am glad I found the doctors and staff I trust and I can't thank them enough. I told my friends two surgeon took care of me and they are family. They misunderstood thinking that the two surgeons are literally my family, but to me they are my family.


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Thank you for the kind words and the great write-up.


You were truly a pleasure to work with. Dr Feller and I got some great video and photos during your procedure, so we'll upload those for you today.


Grow well and keep us updated!

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That's going to be an awesome crown result I bet! Keep us updated with pictures please....

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a temporary/non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical equipment and products exclusively.

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