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Hair Transplant with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. 1500 grafts by FUE to restore hairline

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Ok guys got my HT done for another 1000 grafts to to my hairline for density increase today


Dr bhatti advised to go for 800 grafts but I really wanted to go for 1000 grafts and so he obliged.


Another thing has come to light , dr bhatti had given me propecia for 6 month post ht which I only continued for 3 months previously and plus I Have been diagnosed with donor hair miniaturization which all seem have contributed to my previous poor results !


The donor hair miniaturization has gotten me worried though , would be great if you guys good give your advice




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Nice! Good luck. only pain point is it takes 4 to 6 months before hairs cover your head and you can use comb. I find that very painful.

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On 10/18/2017 at 10:21 PM, vermaj said:

Hey Vega any updates ? How are the new grafts faring to you ?

Even I am suffering from a low density from Dr.Bhatti.

Please update and read my PM

I did my ht with dr Bhatti too in 2015 and the density is poor though the ht was somewhat successful. He offered me complimentary top ht but it’s too far for me so I will doing a second ht with another doctor locally to improve the density.

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Hi Vega,

Have been following your journey for the last two years and am keen to know your current progress.

Please post some current pictures after corrective surgery. Has the density vastly improved ?

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