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Timeline for Crown transplant

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Does anybody have any experiences they'd like to share about how long it took for their crown to come in after a HT?


I underwent a HT at the end of April 2015. Total of about 4,200 grafts. Its been about 9 months and I am very satisfied with the front. I actually haven't looked this good in years. However the crown is still incredibly thin. In fact I'm not sure there is much change from before the HT. I'm wondering if the hairs still might come in or if it was a flop back there?


i've also looked at a lot of forums and posts and a few people have mentioned that the crown does take longer. I read one place that there was about a 4month delay between on guy's front and his crown after a HT. Still I have great results by 6 months in the front so I'm not sure how to interpret this.


I think I can feel short hairs (although I can't really see them because of the location), and I have gotten a pimple or two in the last month in that area. I don't use minoxidil (too greasy, and makes my hair brittle) or propecia (I had horrible side effects). I mention this because I know alot of people are on them or get on them after a HT and it probably helps results.


If anybody has any personal experiences with the crown timeline I would love to hear them. I posted this in another forum as well, since I wasn't sure where exactly this question should go.


Thanks in advance guys.

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