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Best daily/weekly routine for washing hair? (Products/Frequency)

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As far as washing your hair, I've seen many different routines for it (daily/weekly).


I currently use Nizoral 2x/week. I use Head & Shoulders for the days in between. Would anyone recommend something different for my routine?


Thanks in advance!

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Are you speaking in terms of maintaining healthy hair, or in the sense of trying to regrow hair/prevent hair loss?


As for the latter, I don't think your hair loss will be impacted no matter what you do in terms of MPB. To my understanding, the only way shampoos/hair washing routine can affect hair loss is simply a matter of keeping your scalp healthy. The healthier your scalp, the better conditions your hair has to grow in - but this is completely separate from MPB.


As far as maintaining healthy hair, I think this is something that varies from person to person and depends on several factors. Do you have oily hair? Dry hair? Dandruff? Itchy scalp? How much product do you use in your hair? Etc. You essentially just have to find what works for you, as there is no set formula (which probably explains why you've heard so many conflicting pieces of advice).


I have friends that only wash their hair a couple times a week and they have great, healthy hair. Personally, I can't do this. By the third day, my scalp starts to carry lots of gross buildup and gets really itchy. It's not fun. :( So I have to wash mine more frequently, especially if I use a heavier product in my hair like a wax or clay. A light gel allows me to go a little longer.


Hopefully that makes sense. Find what works for you and trust it.

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