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Introduction and Opinions

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Hello all


I finally created my profile after years of silently creeping in the background and following all the stories and research. This place offers a great support system, research and feedback.


My story (in short)...


I started noticing my hair was thinning out at the age of 25. It started with a wedding picture and then comments would come out every once and a while from friends and family. I'm turning 30 in a few weeks.


I have had some local consultations with Bosley, Dr. Gallagher, and UPENN most recently. They were only for research purposes. I have a list of strong HT surgeons I would go to if I needed (IE Vories, Rahal). Note: Only willing to do a FUE when it comes to HT.


I've been on the fence for a while about Propecia and/or Rogaine (Like most, worried about side effects). I'm finally in the position to where I'm leaning towards taking it. I was going to start off at 1 MG every other day and go from there. I've used Nizoral 1x week for a year now. I was wondering if any experienced members/users had suggestions on strategy going forward? As far as medications or natural remedies?


Also, I attached some pictures to give you a better idea of my situation. I would really appreciate some feedback.


Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing some feedback.






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