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receded hairline and then stopped

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Hi guys I am new to all this and pls guide me good.I am 24 yrs old male.From the age of around 20 this stupid thought came to my mind and I got my hair straightened up.After that I noticed huge hair fall for few months and it was soo bad that I got buzzed cut on my hair.At 22 I again got them straightened up and noticed that hair straightening chemicals are just not good for my hair.Also few months after that I noticed both sides of my hairline receded like an inch or so.Usually my remaining hair are so damn thick that it covers up my receded hairline pretty easily with good styling technique.However I can no longer cut my hair very short because then my hairline becomes visible.I just started using minoxidil 5% twice daily since 1 month ago.I am also noticing white flakes by the use of minoxidil 5%.Is this white flaking of scalp normal after using it.Somedays I just use minox once a day because I m also applying coconut oil and almond oil to hair.Pls note here that non of my family members have history of balding.My father is in his 60's still has full head of hair and my hair is exactly like him in texture and looks except I have receded hairline.Also males at my mothers side have all head full of hair,So I wanna ask if its not MPB then those chemical straightening I mentioned could trigger hair loss or receding hairline.I am posting my hair pics and when I decided to use minoxidil 5% I just buzzed cut my hair down to zero.Pls tell me whats my situation right now is minox gonna work on me or not.Thanks all of you for taking time and reading my problem.



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