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21 and receeding hairline/thinning. Should I take Propecia?

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(sorry if what I am trying to say is hard to understand or doesn't make much sense)

I am completely new here. I am 21-years-old. Since my early 20's I have noticed that my hairline has begun to recede. I have also noticed my hair has begun to thin out a lot. Before my hair loss you couldn't see my scalp what-so-ever, now you can see my scalp quite clearly if you look close enough. I used to have a thick mane of hair that I would style akin to Jim Morrison's. My father/other male family members are balding, their hairline extremely recedes, thins very profusely and develops a bald spot on top. Generally, it just leaves their hair on the sides. My father who is in his 60's is pretty much all bald. I can understand being bald in old age, but I'd like to keep my hair or what's left of it a little bit longer. I'd have to that if I do nothing about my hair, I will lose almost all hair on top by the time I am 35.


I am fighting against my genetics. I understand that I really only have two options.

1. Go bald

2. Take Propecia.

My questions are as follows.

Before taking Propecia, I have read/watched both the good and bad sides of this drug. The success stories I've heard/read are amazing. The horror stories are equal in their measure, though.


Is there anyway to tell before taking Propecia (1MG FIN) if I'll work well with this drug? Or is there any type of test or advice I could go by to better understand if I should just keep away from it?



Obviously, I'd love to restore my hair to its former glory and return to my rocker hair days. Is the risk worth it? I'd rather be a bald healthy 21-year-old, than suffer over take Propecia. Please help me figure this out. I need some guidance. THANK YOU!

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Should you take propecia? Answer: YES.


Don't take notice right now of side effects of propecia, the nightmare stories are very rare, especially in comparison to the people having no problems or minor temporary sides.


There is no way of knowing how you will respond, but 80% of people who take the drug cease balding, some get moderate regrowth, some get decent regrowth, but it mainly maintains what you have.



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Well it definitely sounds like you are developing the same type of hair loss as the other males in your family.


Propecia is not very effective in the frontal core of the scalp but it is very efficient in the mid-scalp and crown. So maintaining the hair in the center and crown is crucial is managing future hair loss progression.


And no, there is not a test to pre-determine how you would respond to Propecia but would highly recommend that you seek and follow a physician's advice who is well versed about the medication and also treats many younger men who are experiencing genetic hair loss which is clinically termed as Male Patterned Baldness.


Independent Patient Advocate

I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice, but are my own views which you read at your own risk.

Supporting Physicians:  Dr. Robert True & Dr. Robert Dorin, New York, NY

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