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This is probably my first post on any forum of any kind, as I have been moved to do so by my amazing experience with Dr. Carlos Wesley.



I first went to Dr. Wesley about four years ago, at the end of a year’s worth of research and the last of many consults. I actually had two more scheduled that day but cancelled them after leaving his office as I knew I wanted him to do my work.


I started losing my hair around age 17 but by 21 it was very noticeable and I knew it was time. From the moment I sat down with Dr. Wesley it was as if this nightmare was going to be alright after all. And four years later….IT WAS.


I’ve had three FUE procedures with Dr. Wesley, for a total of about 3500 hairs transplanted from donor on my head and beard into the hairline and back until the far crown. I would be completely bald if it weren’t for his skillful work, as he perfectly balanced his artfully conservative approach with my nagging requests for more more more.


Numerous times Dr. Wesley has turned down my requests (and potential profit) for things such as full crown coverage and further SMP. He simply says that it will not benefit me in the future and 4 ears later I’m already so pleased with his guidance and approach.


As far as his work goes, I’ve never seen better. There is NO scaring from my FUE (donor from head or beard) and the hairline and all transplants are flawless. No friend or colleague has ever even suspected that I’ve had work done, as Dr. Wesley’s approach was a little conservative yet provided perfect coverage.


His staff is unbelievable and his office is very well run from top to bottom. I always felt so welcomed and looked after during my many visits.


Dr. Wesley is one of the kindest and most caring doctors I’ve met and he’s looked after me as if I were his own family. He is always at conferences and a leading pioneer of a new scarless FUE technique, and coming form a family with a strong medical background, I know that this passion and dedication is so very important.


I strongly recommend Dr. Wesley and his entire staff. He has given me my life (hair) back!


I would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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