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Much is still being discovered regarding the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on human hair follicles. In our practice, we have observed that, when used as a holding solution, PRP can help increase the survival rate and caliber of transplanted grafts. We've also seen trends towards earlier transplanted hair growth when PRP is used as a graft holding solution.


An additional finding that has also been observed by other practices throughout the world is that PRP can help return some of the original hair color to follicles. PRP appears to stimulate melanocytes in hair follicles which, in turn, may help bring back some of the color to hairs that have become almost transparent over time.


Below, an example of a patient who underwent PRP mesotherapy in our office and a few of the hairs in this image are colorless prior to his treatments and then have more of their original brown coloration about 6 months later.



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