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At the age of 56, this gentleman desired a fullness to his hairline by bringing in his recessions slightly. He can be seen before, five weeks after, and one year after his 2127 -graft FUT procedure with Dr. Carlos Wesley. During the surgery, his hair follicles were incubated in PRP and ACell.















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Great work, Dr. Wesley! The hairline looks so natural and the overall effect is perfect. Hey wait a minute, that's me!


I just want to say that I met with a few doctors in the New York City area, and Dr. Wesley was my clear first choice. He is smart. professional, caring, and committed. He understood my needs so well that I felt I could relax and just put my faith in his judgment and skill. Today, I look in the mirror and couldn't be happier. (Except, when did my face get so old?)


I didn't want a dramatic change, and I didn't want to lower my hairline, just re-establish its present (but fading) position, and fortify areas of future loss. Dr. Wesley has more than met my expectations. The strip surgery was easy and painless, and the scar is virtually undetectable. I had a little temporary shock loss (see my 5-week picture), but still, through the entire process no one ever seemed to know that I had a transplant. (Apparently, nobody obsesses about my hair the way I do.)


I understand that on these forums, people are most impressed by transplants that create a huge transformation from bald to a full head of hair. But in my case, the "wow factor" comes from how natural and appropriate the results are. (I can't say "age-appropriate" about myself because it makes me feel too old.)


Thanks to Dr. Wesley and his wonderful staff. You're the best!

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