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Future Trends in Hair Transplantation - Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC)

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Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. was invited to author a chapter entitled http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320'>http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320 in the recently-published textbook entitled http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320 edited by Drs. Rogers, Singh, Watkins & Avram. Among the topics featured within his chapter, Dr. Wesley highlights the efficacy and mechanism of Low-Level Light Therapy (laser cap & comb), scalp mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma http://drcarloswesley.com/platelet-rich-plasma-prp/ (PRP), http://www.drcarloswesley.com/innovations/, Robotic Technology (e.g. ARTAS System), http://www.drcarloswesley.com/scarless-surgery/, and hair cell therapy (i.e. hair cloning).


The first page of this chapter can be viewed here.




http://www.amazon.com/Aesthetic-Series-Transplantation-Marc-Avram/dp/9351529320 explains hair transplant surgery in eleven concise, illustrated chapters. This book covers the various surgical techniques intended to achieve maximum hair growth for the patient. This book begins with a chapter on consultation and preoperative evaluation, including donor supply, hair calibre and control of hair loss. Further chapters cover instrumentation and anaesthesia, female hair transplantation, medication in hair transplantation, and a final chapter on future trends in hair transplant surgery. Aesthetic Series - Hair Transplantation also includes practical guidance on establishing the height and shape of the hairline, equipment needed for hairline design, holding solutions and graft creation. Enhanced by 124 full colour images and illustrations, Aesthetic Series - Hair Transplantation is an essential, up-to-date guide for dermatosurgeons and dermatologists.



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Looks interesting!


P.S Now I know what happened to that old Lacrosse ball my dog chewed up in the backyard we can't find...

Just Sayin' What most People are Thinkin'


My Hair Regimen: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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Doctor, thanks so much for sharing. Could you elaborate on LLLT? Ive been using Lasercap for 2 yrs, really no idea the impact its had, as maintenance is always tough to monitor. Ive heard mixed feedback on usage Post Op.

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