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Dr Raghu Reddy

FUE by Dr Raghu Reddy - 1870 grafts

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49 year old male came to us requesting to lower his hairline.

On examination - he had a Norwood 3A scale of loss . He had a reasonably tight scalp in the donor and had coarse and wavy hair. He did not have a strong family history of hairloss and his loss was pretty stable for the past few years.


He was counselled against a low hairline and based on his current need, 1870 grafts were extracted with a 1.00 mm punch by manual extraction.


Attached are the pics 9 months after. He has opted against Propecia and is currently using minoxidil 5%.














I represent Dr. Raghu Reddy


Dr. Raghu Reddy is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

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very nice and natural looking result!

1st Procedure, Oct. 2012 - 1,704 grafts FUT w/Dr. True

2nd Procedure, Sept. 2015 - 2500 grafts FUE w/Dr. Vories


FUE Progress - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/180966-my-experience-w-dr-vories-2-500-grafts.html

FUE 1 year result - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184716-1-year-results-2-500-grafts-w-dr-vories.html

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What I like about Dr Reddy is his conservative use of grafts...you very rarely see a procedure of over 3k from him, yet the results never look like the patient could have done with more grafts. Him and Dr Bisanga are the best around in my view for those looking for a conservative approach to FUE.

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