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This 33-year-old patient simply wanted to preserve his current hair pattern, but add to its fullness. Preferring to wear a short hairstyle and having a limited donor hair reserve, he elected to have a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure with our team. A 0.8mm FUE punch was used to perform the harvest and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and ACell Matristem was used as a holding solutions for the grafts while they were out of the body. The patient returned about one year after his FUE session for a follow-up.






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Looks like a nice, subtle result. Are there any intra-operative photos showing graft placement and also of the donor?

This seems like a tough case given the patients moderate existing hair; how was potential for shockloss and transection addressed? The hairline appears untouched--no noticeable change from pre to post-op. Without graft placement photos, I'm assuming the hair was dispersed throughout the forelock and frontal third only, just behind the hairline? Also the patient's hair appears to be much darker in the post-op photos. Did the patient darken his hair, or is this effect from product/concealer?

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