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Red, bumpy recipient after 3 month, is it hypertrophic scarring?

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I had a horrible hair transplant experience 3 month ago with a recommended doctor which I will share in detail later. Now my only goal is to heal the best possible way so down the road I will be able to shave my head after some repair.


My main concern currently is my red and bumpy sometimes itchy recipient area. My recipient never looked good since the operation but I was always told by the clinic that it is normal, I just heal slowly. I never had trouble with healing before. I can't trust my clinic anymore. (among other reasons, they talked me into a 2500 graft fue to the front, not warning me about my ongoing thinning in a norwood 5 area) I have been hiding from the world for 3 months now, and became depressed. I have just read Dr. William Lindsey's post about itchiness and hypertrophic scarring ( Itchy Scalp Post Hair Transplant: Should I Be Concerned? | Hair Loss Q & A ) and became very concerned. My donor also look like crap.


I would like to reach out to the experienced forum members and doctors to get an honest opinion of an outsider. Since I could not upload the high-res pictures, I added a link to my picasa album, please check it.




I also need advice who to turn to for a possible personal consultation in Europe who I can trust and who can evaluate my case and help me heal the best possible way, so I can achieve my goal and put this horrible mistake behind me.


Thank you

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Me too!

I'm over 5 weeks into this thing and I can't leave the house without a hat yet.

My recipient area looks HORRIBLE!

It's pink/red/purple discoloration, if that wasn't bad enough it also looks like the surface of Mars...it has a bumpy scarred 'cobblestone' texture to it that make this recipient area stick out like a sore thumb.


I too have entirely secluded myself form all outside social situations since this mistake of a HT I made.

Honestly I'd like to know the best way to undo this FUE and my recipient area scalp back to as normal as possible.


It doesn't offer me much promise to hear you are 3 months into your FUE and still having recipient area problems.

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Have patience man! Your head is healing but slowly, give it few more month! I know its hard to wait but you really don't have any option!

Let your transplanted hair grow and see how it looks!

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In my opinion, you are not doing yourself any favors by continuing to stress over your procedure.


It's not unusual to have these sensations and this appearance even 3 months after surgery. If you truly suspect that there are complications, please visit your surgeon or a GP and get evaluated.


I have also read and commented on your other thread regarding your hair transplant and my sincere opinion is that the work looks good thus far.


Please try to relax and wait out the full year before assessing your results.

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Looks fairly normal to be. Just think that you had a couple thousand of tiny cuts made on your head. That as well as the scabbing would cause some skin unevenness. It's like when a scab falls off of your normal skin, the area still remains slightly off coloured and potentially a bit uneven for a while longer. You basically had 2500 of that.

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Dear David


I understand that one should wait 12 months after a hair transplant to evaluate the final result however I have looked at hundreds of patients post op pictures and I could not find one that looked similar to my situation. That is why I am concerned and I think that something is wrong with my healing. In this case I believe early intervention is important (especially in terms of abnormal wound healing) and I do not think simply waiting is a good strategy.


I posted my story here because I am running out of options. I have lost all my trust in my doctor and clinic for multiple reasons. They could never provide me with a satisfactory explanations to what is happening to me, nor could they recommend anything that improved my situation. My recipient and donor looks godawful and they have created a low hairline without warning me about the ongoing thinning in a norwood 5 area. If they have told me I would have canceled the operation sure, but that would had been in my best interest not theirs. And when I told them all this they accused me of an ulterior motive insinuating I just want my money back. Believe me, my money is the last thing on my mind.


After all that I have been through, please understand my desperation.

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