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Natural Hair regime

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Hi guys


I had Hair transplant recently and i wanna keep my native hair which become so thin in crown and mid scalp. I m totaly against finestride and i will not take it all, so i m trying to build a hair regime wich can hold my hair and not to be so costly, so here what i have


I m using now

1- minoxidil 5% foam after using dermaroller 0.5 to 1 mm

2- mesotherapy growth factor injection dermaheal hl includes 64 vitamins each month

3- pantogar 3 times a day


I m think to add

4- prp acell injection ( maybe replace the mesotherap in the futue, i still do not know)

4- Dht blocker such as saw palmeto (85% fatty acid)

4- Good product include supplements such as zinc, biotin, b-12 , or do you think no need as i m already inder mesotherapy Which should include them already?

5- good shampoo loke revoving any suggestion?



Can this treatment work? When i calculate all of the above it seems i need a decent budget in a year to apply all of that?


So can you advise me what i shoud stick with and can help to keep what i have with my transplant hair ?

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Hey there!


I like your natural route and if you go for it I suggest adding MSM, Curcumin+Resveratrol and Sillica/Silicon supplement. Nizoral twice a week might help a lot too. I like Dr.Bronner's shampoo.

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Hello ,

Carrots stimulates hair growth

Carrots make hair lustrous and give them silky-smooth texture

Carrots improve blood circulation

They strengthen hair

They also prevent breakage of hair and hair fall

Carrots protect hair from external damages like pollution, weather etc.


Carrot Oil: To make carrot oil at home, take some carrots and grate them with the help of grater. Now keep the grated carrots in a clean glass mason jar and add oil (you can use olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil) in it. Keep this mixture in a dark room for about 1 week. Once the oil becomes orange in colour, you can store it in a clean container and compost the carrots. Use this oil every week before shampooing and keep it for half an hour. This carrot juice will make your hair strong and will strengthen your hair roots. It will also reduce hair breakage and will stimulate hair growth.

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Here are my suggestions:




  • Moisturize w/ aloe vera + water
  • Seal w/ coconut oil



  • Add condition (detangling optional) with favorite conditioner



  • Add Cleanse & Deep Treatment/Repair
  • Use shampoo
  • Strengthen your hair with a henna treatment followed by a moisture mask of your choosing

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