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This patient is in his 30's and has the vertex pattern of hair loss. With this pattern, the hairline is relatively preserved, while the hairloss progresses from the top outwards. He did not want to take meds, despite my recommendation. The goal with the restoration was to create a conservative result that would frame his face, and continue to look natural with the passage of time. We performed FUE of 2,117 grafts (1-209, 2-898, 3-1110) along with PRP/ACell. The results are shown 17 months post op.












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This is a really excellent pattern. While it is true that meds could add to the final result, when his hairloss progresses, he will not look unnatural. Lucky patient to have this pattern designed for him.

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Appreciate the synopsis on vertex loss, as this guy is a more advanced me. If only the rest of my head looked as "good" as my hairline, I could find peace.


<jams more finasteride down gullet>

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