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Hi Guys,


Recently I started using Nioxin 2 shampoo based on my stylist's recommendation. I have been on their website and done a little bit of internet research on it and I found out that they don't make any claims for regrowing hair per say, but indirectly through their cleansing mechanism. I have used it for about 3 weeks now and my experience with it has been pretty good so far. It leaves the scalp with a very fresh feel, kind of how mint feels in your mouth :). I am using it 3 times weekly.


While reading I also came across the Nizoral shampoo which contains ketoconazole which is proven to be effective against alopecia. However the 2% solution leaves the hair dry and should only be used only 2 times weekly.


I wanted to get your opinion on how your experience has been with the Nioxin shampoo ?

And which do you feel is the better of two ? Should I switch to Nizoral for the next one and which one (1% or 2%) to use? Thanks for sharing.



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I am also interested in any opinions on Nioxin products, beginning with the Scalp Renew treatment, which the lady at the local hair salon has offered me the other day.


I am 1 and 1/2 year post HT (and very happy about it) so my first question would be about safety.


I haven't researched them thoroughly, but my first impression is that Nioxin products are just cosmetics, possibly effective at giving some thickness to hair, in which case they would be useful, and could be used alongside Nizoral (rather than as an alternative).


Nizoral is the only hair loss treatment I have been using regularly post HT. For hair care, I am still experimenting with products that are supposed to make your hair thicker.

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