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Dr. Friedman - 3,000 Grafts - Norwood V-Va FUT Procedure 1 year Post Op

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Dr. Friedman performed a FUT on a 51 year old male. Norwood class V-Va who desired a frontal region restoration. Dr. Friedman artistically redesigned patient's hair line working his way back to the mid scalp. One transplant on Norwood class V-Va gives the patient an appearance of just beginning to thin and it receded during time. Dr. Friedman informed the patient that Norwood class V-Va typically needs 2 procedures or more to fill all the areas of concern. The first procedure Dr. Friedman successfully transplanted 3,000 grafts. 706 single hair follicles were placed in the hairline ; 2,294 follicular units were placed in the frontal region, and anterior midscalp. Dr. Friedman used custom blades and strategically placed each follicular unit at the correct angle and direction creating the patient's transplanted grafts to grow in a natural pattern.














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Agreed with adonix.


It's tricky to try to make a negative comment in a tactful manner, so I'd normally refrain from commenting altogether. I'm feeling a bit spicy tonight though, sooo...


This seems like a very underwhelming result a year out and it's rather surprising the clinic would choose this as a showcase example of their work to advertise online.

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It does look thin, what was his hair caliber in microns? Do you have photos of the graft placement? Hopefully nothing was placed behind the midscalp, or ideally even much into midscalp itself.

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Is he going for a 2nd session to add more density?

Tbh I would have expected some more density with 3000 grafts. Looks better though.

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