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1036 graft FUE with Dr HASSON

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1036 graft FUE done by Dr HASSON


Graft breakdown:


294 singles

668 doubles

74 3-4 hairs.


Hey guys/girls, I wanted to create a thread regarding my experiences/updates with respect to the FUE procedure I had with Dr HASSON of HASSON and WONG. I am a 33 year old Asian male, and live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.




I started to notice the hairs on my temples becoming weaker approximately 10 years ago. I did not think much of it as I attributed them to being the "baby" hairs on my hairline. I noticed it when I decided to buzz my hair to a number 2, and realized that the temple hairs were finer, and did not grow back as strong as the rest of my head. I was still a NW1.


Two years later, I realized that the temples were indeed receding a bit. I started to panic, and hit the internet for solutions. I started on MIN 2% liquid and applied it only to the temples, as prescribed. I Immediately noticed tiny vellus hairs, but they never turned terminal. As MIN became more available, I switched to the 5% liquid, then to the 5% foam (which I use to this day). I have been on MIN, and applying it to my entire scalp for the past 8 years (for preventative measures). I do not experience any sides with MIN so I am lucky, however my temples continued to slowly recede and thin out. This year, it has gotten to the point where it was getting hard to conceal my hairline, and the thinness started to show. I also wanted to be able to slick my front up, which I have not been able to do for years due to the recession.


I have experimented with Saw Palmetto extract for a couple years at a time, and although I did not obtain regrowth with it, I actually experienced FIN like side effects such as ball ache (which subsided after the first month of use), and anxiety/panic attacks (which started approximately 1 year after continual use).


For the last 2 years, up until my hair transplant, my regimen had been S5 cream 2x a day, and MIN foam 5% 2x a day.


I had always lurked the different hairloss forums, and posted now and then. I had always been interested in HW as my choice for a HT clinic if I ever decided to bite the bullet. Of course price, and the fact that HW only provided FUT were the drawbacks for me. I have always cut my hair very short on the sides, the longest being a number 2 on the sides and back, so FUT was not an option for me. Also, travelling out of country was NOT an option for me for a HT, or any surgery for that matter. The lack of followup in the case of complications post op, was a big deal for me.


Consultation with HW


After sending pictures to HW for an online consultation, I received an email from Doug a couple days later advising that I was a good candidate for HT with Dr HASSON. I was invited to come into the clinic for a free in person consultation with the Dr. on June 18th, 2015.


On June 18th, I walked over to the clinic (yes I live that darn close!). I remember feeling a bit excited and anxious. When I reached the office, I noticed right away this clinic was top notch; clean, tasteful decor, and extremely friendly/professional staff. I first met with Doug who spoke to me for about 10 minutes, and showed me some pictures of hairline work the clinic had done. Soon after, Dr HASSON came into the office and introduced himself. His calm and confident demeanor was comforting. Dr HASSON examined my hair and stated that he estimated that I would require 800-1000 grafts, and that I was a good candidate for FUE. I peeked over at the chart Dr HASSON had, and confirmed that I was a NW2 at this point (which I have been for a few years now, but a thinning one). I don't remember too much more from the meeting except saying to myself, "I can afford 1000 grafts!!"


I spoke more to Doug a bit after regarding HW and FUE. I learnt that HW had officially offered FUE as an option to patients earlier in the year, however, they have had special cases where they would perform FUE in the past.


A week later, I decided to schedule my surgery. Took the time off work and confirmed a surgery date of Aug 5th, 2015, at 7am.


Day of Surgery


I did not get a wink of sleep the night prior, and it wasn't because I was nervous. I worked a grave yard shift, and pretty much got off work, took a shower, had breakfast, and straight to the clinic!


I arrived at the clinic at 6:55 am. Completed all the paper work required, and was met by one of the techs. Dr HASSON asked if I had any questions regarding how I wanted my hairline, and if I had thought about what we discussed at the time of the consultation. We decided to have him draw in a hairline, and have me look at it after, which I was very happy with. I did not want a juvenile hairline and wanted to keep the NW2ish look, however I just wanted the symmetry improved and the density increased.


Pre Op pictures were taken.


Now for the fun stuff. Dr HASSON confirmed that he would require 1000 grafts for my surgery. He shaved the donor area down with clippers, and injected local anesthesia, which IMO was the most painful part of the surgery. It really does suck! Once all numbed up, Dr HASSON passed the procedure on to one of his techs to perform the FUE extraction which was all done manually with a .85mm punch. This information here is probably what most of you wanted to know, whether the Dr did the extractions or the techs. I am not sure if this is the case for every single FUE surgery they perform, but for my case, a tech did it. Although I could not feel a thing, I could tell that the tech was very confident and smooth with her movements with the tool. During the extraction, I had to go to the bathroom a couple of times. Lunch was at about 12pm (which only lasted 15 mins, then right back at it). I am not sure how much more time was spent on extraction after lunch, but it wasn't that long. While the grafts were being extracted, another tech was inspecting and trimming the grafts in the same room. Throughout the extraction, Dr HASSON would enter the room and inspect the donor area, and grafts that were extracted.


After the extraction was done, I was finally able to lie on my back. The most uncomfortable part of the extraction was being face down for hours. I watched Back to the Future while Dr HASSON made his world famous lateral slits! Dr HASSON made a couple slits, and got the tech to see whether the size of the slits were appropriate for the grafts. The remainder of the 1000 slits did not take that long.


After the slits were made, two techs (one on each side) started to implant the grafts. I am not sure how long this took.. but I remember being done at 6:30pm.. So pretty much 10.5 hours of surgery with minimal breaks in between. Now I know why FUE is more expensive than FUT... It really takes that much more time. Dr HASSON made a comment that the grafts extracted looked very strong, which was encouraging. Even Dave (Garageland) made a special appearance and popped into the room to say hi, while my grafts were being implanted.


I was bandaged up, and given post op instructions, and scheduled to come back the following two days for my first and second washes.


Pain/immediate post op


I was given pain meds and sleeping meds that I decided not to take at all when I got home. As the anesthesia wore off, I started to feel slight throbbing, and soreness in my donor and recipient areas, but I decided to tough it out. I was exhausted and had no problems sleeping. I slept on the couch as I didn't want any issues sleeping on the bed with the wife there.


Day 1 Post Op


Went in at 12pm for my first wash. Took pictures. Dr HASSON re inspected the work and was very happy with how the donor area, and recipient area looked. He again commented on how happy he was with the grafts and how I had very strong grafts. Again, I was very happy to hear that.


Day 2 Post Op


Donor and recipient areas starting to itch, showing signs of healing. Went in for a second wash. Going in tomorrow for an optional third wash as well. They offered it, and I decided to take it since I live so close by, and I figure I prefer them doing the washing during the early stages to be on the safe side.


I will post pictures once I receive them from the clinic. I also wanted to stress that I could not be any happier with the treatment I received from everyone at HW. I have NEVER dealt with a more friendly, and professional group of people! Every single one of them had a smile on their face, and asked how I was doing numerous times throughout the surgery. Even for my 1 day post op wash, the tech that worked on me, went out of her way, to come and say hi to me and asked me how I was doing when I was getting washed. I was very impressed, and felt very welcomed.


So there we have it... My initial experience with HW's FUE.


Pictures: Pre Op 1-3 Immediate Post Op 4-6 1 Day Post Op 5,6









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Great read! Thanks for sharing your experience. How lucky can you be to live walking distance from H&W? Looking forward to the pics.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Just a little something more to add. I kept my hair fairly long, approx 5 inches in length on the top and front, which now I feel I should have just clipped prior to surgery. It is a bit of a nuisance keeping the hair clear of the recipient areas. It would also make washing a lot easier.


I kept it longer to see whether I would be able to cover the recipient sites after the first week. If I can't make it look good, I will probably end up buzzing it all down to a 1.5 before I go back to work.

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Went to the clinic to get some one week post op pics from Mr Garageland himself :D


I will post those once I get them, but here are shots of the donor and recipient area from my camera phone. I am EXTREMELY pleased by how the donor area has healed. The length of the back is one week from buzzing it down from a no guard clipper. It is shorter than how I would ever have my hair. I do plan to buzz my hair all one length to a 1.5 guard, as it is going to be hard to maintain the current length up top without it looking silly, trying to conceal the recipient areas. The recipient area is just after rubbing the crusts/scabs off in the evening.. Most of it is gone, and it looks like it has healing/healed very well. :)


MAGNUM, you're right, I am really blessed to have the quality donor hair that I have.


Updated with third pic, which is 8 days, and cleaning up what I believe are the remainder of the crusts/scabs... I hope all the grafts are viable...




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Hi Spidey,


Thanks very much for your detailed write up of your FUE procedure with Dr Hasson and his team. I think it gives people a excellent idea of what to expect. It was great meeting with you on the day and again on Wednesday to see how you were healing 7 days post op. With your permission I put together these photos to demonstrate your healing post op. Looking forward to seeing you again next week to see how things are looking at 14 days.


Your donor looks untouched at 7 days post op you have healed exceptionally well.






Former patient and representative for Hasson & Wong.


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are esteemed members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.


My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Hasson

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Buzzed my hair to a number 1 all around to even things out, as it was apparent I would not be able to conceal the transplanted area without it looking bad.


The transplanted hairs are starting to shed as I had a bunch on my fingers as I was applying vitamin E oil to moisturize the scalp on the recipient area as it is a bit dry... Not looking forward to the shed, but better sooner than later I guess.




Please note that at the 14 day post op mark, about 30-50% of the transplanted hairs had already shed.



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updated with 2 week pics
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Just a small update. Coming up to three weeks on 2015-08-26. About 90% of the transplanted hairs have shed. Recipient area has gone from red to light pink. Hopefully by the one month mark the pinkness will have subsided. I started using witch hazel twice a day along with aloe, and it has made a huge difference. I only started using the witch hazel a couple days ago, and it has already lightened the recipient area a good shade. I should have started sooner!


Next update will probably be at the 2 month mark. I don't see anything changing in a week.;)


Oh, another thing, the donor area has been really itchy as of late. Everything has healed fine (visually), but there must be some additional nerve/tissue healing underneath that is causing the itch. Not too bad, but annoying. Aloe helps.

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This work looks outstanding - if this all grows in nicely you're going to be a seriously happy bunny! Great to see H & W FUE, too. One of the absolute juggernauts of strip making more regular forays into FUE can only be a good thing for those seeking top class hair restoration.


This was a great write up though I would suggest that the look you're getting is not NW2ish, it's a strong NW1. Lables be damned though, It's a beautiful hairline!

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This work looks outstanding - if this all grows in nicely you're going to be a seriously happy bunny! Great to see H & W FUE, too. One of the absolute juggernauts of strip making more regular forays into FUE can only be a good thing for those seeking top class hair restoration.


This was a great write up though I would suggest that the look you're getting is not NW2ish, it's a strong NW1. Lables be damned though, It's a beautiful hairline!


Thanks for your post. You're right, it would be pretty much a Nw1 eh? If it turns out anything like my 7 day post op when the scabs were gone, I'll be ecstatic. Ugly duckling phase right now which really sucks lol. I was surprised how fast the hairs shed. Pretty much at the two week mark the hairs would shed even with light rubbing. The wait is on!

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Classic Hasson donor area in my opinion. His strip seems to be always taken above the safe zone putting the patient at risk long-term.


He's made the same mistake here and extracted (or should I say assistant) outside of the safe zone with FUE.


I hope you're not headed for a high norwood. If you are, there is a VERY real chance that you will lose the transplanted hairs due to miniaturization.


While the work does look good, it's a small number of grafts. No doubt you will need a second to increase the density or style your hair strategically to make up for the lack of density.


I'm guessing that Dr. Hasson would have recommended more grafts had it been strip.


In the end, time will tell. As I mentioned, the recipient site looks great. Donor area (though a small number of grafts) good also. The only issue I possibly see is density due to your hair and scalp contrast. Easy fix though with a touch-up.


That brings me to the question I'm sure many are wondering. The elephant in the room so to speak.


Why on earth would you book FUE with Dr. Hasson?


He has no FUE results. None. Nada.


You're basically a guinea pig here. He is learning how to do FUE at your expense. He is training on your head. They also offer ARTAS at the expense of patient's heads, which is bad enough. The purchase was a sign of desperation no doubt.


I guess what I'm getting at is I hope that you got a really good discount, especially since you're promoting his work on the forum. Something they are REALLY desperate for. Word on the street says their schedule took at hit because of their reluctance to offer FUE.


If not, call them now and ask for one or at minimum a discount towards future work. There is a real chance that you won't get stellar growth due to their in-experience with FUE. Did they tell you that during the consultation? I hope so.


Anyway, best of luck. I hope it works out. While the work looks good, time will tell if Dr. Hasson has learned how to overcome the many pitfalls of FUE. He is not proven in FUE, and in my opinion should not be changing patients top dollar until proven.


There are much better alternatives.


Good luck.

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I will try my best to answer your questions. I went to hw because I did not want to travel to get a ht. Secondly, fut was not an option due to my low nw. I have faith that hw would not offer a procedure where they would not be able to backup. They have been known to resolve issues regarding sub par results in the past, and I believe if that was the case with me, they would do their best to work something out with me. That said, I am not going to ask for a discount nor do I expect one. Why would I go to a place where they would offer a discount because they already know the results will fail. What does that say about the confidence of the company?


As for the donor area, imo, I do not think it is too high. Unless I end up with an extreme Nw in the future which could happen, but I doubt as it is not in my family history and my current hair loss is fairly stable and slow. Even then I am confident they have not extracted too high.


My hair is very coarse. The density may or may not come out how I expect , only time will tell, but if it does end up anywhere like my one week post op pic, I would be very happy with the density. The pics for the two week post op is where at least 50% of the hairs have shed. I do not plan on getting a other surgery after this. Whether the outcome is a disaster or spectacular, this is it. The reason I did it was to live the next 5-10 years with a solid hairline. After that, I don't expect to look like I did in my 20s. Heck if the recipient hairs start to thin when I'm in my forties, I wouldn't mind, as it would look more natural if the rest of my native hair thins.


I don't know what your history is with hw and ht, but the tone you give off is that you have some resentment.


I don't agree with you that I am providing hw with free advertising. I am posting here to share my experience so others can be educated. I had a great experience so far and wanted to share it. If my results tank, I am sure it would be very bad business for hw, but again only time will tell, and they seem to be as confident as I am that things will turn out great.

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Oh and another thing. The majority of their clients are still going for fut. And they are booked solid. Every time I went in for post op stuff, there were people in the wait room and operating chairs. Fut, imo, is the best choice for nw levels four or higher. If I were to get a ht and was a higher Nw, I would go fut for sure.

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Safe zone is an estimate, not a fixed region, in some people the whole head might be a safe zone, in others, even the safe zone is not really safe....


Safe zone is based on current and future hair loss pattern. They extracted outside his safe zone.


I have faith that hw would not offer a procedure where they would not be able to backup.


That's just it. They don't know if they can back it up. Dr. Hasson has zero FUE results. None. Nada. I was curious as to why you would book (and pay top dollar I might add) to a clinic that has little experience and no FUE results to share. I was more curious as to why someone would book when there are no results, photos to share.


I guess it boils down to faith. I'm a religious man and understand the power of faith. Believing in something you can't see.


Let's just leave it at that.


I don't know what your history is with hw and ht, but the tone you give off is that you have some resentment.


I have no resentment at all. Dr. Hasson does great strip work. Hairlines lack a little in design but great work overall. Hell, I would schedule a strip with him to increase density if I had to. I'm just not sold on his FUE or lack of.


Just because your good at strip does not mean you're good at FUE. I'll admit that it bugs me they are charging guys top dollar when they have no results to share. They are riding the popularity (and trust) of their FUT. That's wrong in my opinion.


I am posting here to share my experience so others can be educated. I had a great experience so far and wanted to share it. If my results tank, I am sure it would be very bad business for hw, but again only time will tell, and they seem to be as confident as I am that things will turn out great.


Thank you for posting. I hope it does turn out well. I WANT it to turn out well for you. But we're missing a key ingredient here: consistency. Dr. Hasson does not know if he can perform FUE yet. He does not know that he can deliver what he promised. He needs to practice, which is what he did on your head.


Too many questions that need answered here: who is the technician who did the extraction? Sharp or dull punch? What's their technique implanting, harvesting? I hope they answered all of this during the consultation.


Bottom line, the discount would be to let him practice on your head.


You're giving them a great deal. Practice and free publicity. That's all i'm saying.


You might at well get something in return. A discount on future work maybe.


Here is to good growth my friend. Fingers crossed. Your result can make or break them in FUE for sure.

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