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Please make sure that you do your research before choosing a hair transplant surgeon. It is far too often that we see people that come to have corrective surgery with Dr. Arocha after having transplants at other clinics. It is crucial that potential patients understand that once their donor area has been depleted, there is no way to regain or regrown hair in that area.


Be an educated patient. Take the time to look and ask for photos of previous work from your potential surgeon. Your scalp and wallet will thank you for it!


Have a good weekend and enjoy the video!





The patient in the photos below had a FUE 2043. This gentleman came to Arocha Hair Restoration after having two previous transplants at FUE/Neograft hair restoration clinics one in Dallas and the other in Houston. These two prior surgeries left his donor picked over and thin.He was very unhappy with his results and needed Dr. Arocha to correct the work of the two previous surgeons. The video below highlight his results after just 5 months.


Employed by Dr. Bernard Arocha. Dr. Arocha is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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Great job Dr. Arocha as always. Such an important lesson for people who just dive in without doing their homework .Education is the best tool. Great video guys

1st HT 1973 FUT's with Dr.Robert Mcclellan 6/28/2007

*unfortunately I have no info on hair count on my 1st surgery ..


2nd HT 3026 FUT's with Dr. Bernadino Arocha 1/9/2014


1's - 797

2's - 3700

3's - 246

5634 hairs



3026 FUTs 1 day HT#2 post op frontal picture

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