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Dr. U’s Patient Repairs Past Strip Surgery Errors with 4213 BHT Grafts

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This gentleman initially tried to conquer his male pattern baldness through a strip procedure performed at another clinic. However, his results were very disappointing. The operation exhausted his head donor supply. Yet, many of the inserted grafts did not grow. Thus, his crown continued to be bald. Some growth did occur on top of his head. But this created an unusual wall of hair in front of the crown. Furthermore, the strip scar was an additional source of worry as the patient did not want other people to notice it.


In order to conceal the scar and cover the areas of missing hair, more donor grafts were needed beyond the quantity that remained on his head. Therefore, the patient felt that a body hair to head transplant was a very logical choice for achieving his objectives.


4213 Grafts of Head and Beard Hair


Since Dr. U had developed technology specifically for body hair extractions (i.e. UGraft ™ Revolution) and possesses an extensive track record of tangible patient success stories, the patient decided to chose our clinic for his procedure.


Dr. U removed the following types of follicles to create an overall donor supply of 4213 grafts.


(1) 1472 grafts of beard hair

(2) 2741 grafts of head hair


Hair was carefully inserted into the crown, temples, hairline and strip scar to produce the results shown in these before and after images.












The patient was quite happy with his results which put an end to his awkward growth pattern and continued baldness prior to this repair. Also, the insertion of grafts into his strip scar gave him the confidence to once again engage in his favorite water sports, like swimming and water skiing.


Watch his video below to learn more about his procedure and listen to his feedback.



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Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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