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A 24 yr old Asian male requested to dense pack the fronto temporal angles and fill in the crown adequately. He was informed about the fact that he would need subsequent procedures to fill more loss in future as Androgenetic Alopecia is progressive. He was advised to take oral Finasteride for maintaining the existing hair in an attempt to post pone the patterned loss.


3435 FUGs were harvested out of which 1150 FUGs were used for the crown area. Dense packing and a good number of three hair grafts helped achieve a fuller appearance. The pictures were taken three years after the procedure.


One hair grafts = 690

Two hair grafts = 2510

Three hair grafts = 235

Total number of grafts = 3435

Total number of hair = 6330


The youngster could not have asked for more











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Dr. Radha,


Thanks for posting another impressive example of your results. The crown in particular looks great. I too need some additional crown work and have been considering getting some additional work done and where to go. We recommend so many excellent physicians on this community that it's difficult to decide. But I may end up doing some traveling to India and if I do I am definitely considering you for my next procedure.


All the best,



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