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Dr. Timothy Carman

Dr. Timothy Carman- 2200 Total FU grafts; One year Post Op Result

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Patient is a male in his late twenties who has been slowly thinning due to Androgenic Alopecia affecting his hairline, frontal forelock, midscalp and bilateral temporal points in a Norwood 5 pattern since his early twenties. He has mild crown involvement as well. Understanding he will continue to have further losses, he understands the need to manage his limited donor in such a fashion that initial transplantation occurs in a limited area which can be addressed in the future without fear that grafts are spread out over too large an area, which would result in a "grafty" appearance later on in life. At one year post-op, the qualitative change in the appearance of his hair in terms of hair shaft caliber, distribution, shine and coverage are greatly improved over the pre-op baseline. The conservative hairline will work well into his 50's and 60's, and precious donor graft reserves have not been squandered on an unnecessarily dense frontal hairline, freeing those reserves for the midscalp and anterior crown as needed as he ages. The last photo illustrates the 1 mm donor scar which should be the normal expected result using conservative, state of the art surgical technique. 2200 Total FU grafts.










Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

Chairman, Ethics Committee (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors

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