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This is a 61 Year old man with Class VI hair loss who received a hair transplant by Dr. Parsa Mohebi.


FUT Hair Transplant was done with 3463 follicular unit grafts 12 month follow up


Miniaturization Study (Microscopic Evaluation)

Location Miniaturization

Hair Line: 100

Corners: 100

Top: 90

Crown: 90

Donor Area: 10


Here is the patient's hair characteristics:

Hair loss class: VI

Hair color: Salt and Pepper

Skin tone: Medium

Hair character: Slight Wavy

Hair thickness: Medium

Donor density: 2

Scalp laxity: 2-2.5


Here is how the grafts were distributed:

Hairline: 250

Front: 1700

Top: 813

Crown: 700


Ones: 319

Twos: 2811

Threes: 321

Fours: 12


Total: 3463











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Now this is what i call a perfect guy for FUT

Reasons why...

Hair density good incl donor, wavy hair & last a good age which makes me wonder & see comments like oh i wont give a rats ass if im bold when im 60 yrs old.....nah thats BS because there is more older guys out there, doing such surgery than people may give credit for imo



great job Doc this guy must be over the moon,

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