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Hello everyone,


I had a fue ht 25 days back from Mumbai by dr. Ritesh safariya. It all went good. I had high density of abt 70 hairs at the front hair line area for abt 1 cm. and some mid densilty at the center area. Total of 3200 grafts. On my two sides of front hairline the density was even more.


Now here is what happened, after 7 to 8 days post op i tried to remove the scabs. All most of ithe mid scalp scabs came out easily but the front part was still tight so the doctor asked me to leave it for three more days to heal. However, i developed a very bad habbit of scratching and picking the scabs slowly( which i should not have done). So accidently in my frontal sides i pulled the scabs and it came out with lots of hairs attached to it. Now i am concerned abt that area since it has no hairs in that part. See the pic from the begining to present condidion. Please note: my hairs are shedding in the frontal part mostly where the density was more.The last picture shows my current situation(today).


Will hair grow in this empty part? Very worried :confused:





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Johnboy71, Yes there was but it was very little and not for all. blood came when i tried to pull off the scab. If you can see, there are still many hairs surrounding the plcae from where skin came off but now they have fallen. my main concern is whether the hairs surrounding whould come back or not!!



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It looks patchy but you do lose all those hairs in the beginning anyway. Really bad move picking the scabs! Hope it's not an issue and sorry I can't really help. Have you sent these pictures do your doctor and asked his opinion?

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I'm going to be honest with you - I think you've pulled out the grafts. I do not understand why you would go through the hassle, pain, trouble and cost to do a surgery and then jeapordise it by picking off your newly planted grafts.


There have been studies done whereby it's been shown that grafts are permanent from day 10 onwards. Forcibly removing them prior to this point resulted in a lost graft and no growth. You can clearly see that where you picked in pic 3 correlates directly to the areas where hair is missing in picture 4.


i sincerely hope for your sake I am wrong, but that's my honest opinion. Best of luck and keep us updated.

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