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4000 grafts FUE by Dr. Vories on 2/5/16 and 2/5/16 Post-Op pictures etc

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Hello all,


I had 4000 grafts done by Dr. Vories on February 5th & 6th 2015. I am currently on 4 and half month post op. I'm classified a norwood 5A to a 6. I began losing hair when I was 23 (2006) and by 26 (2009) it ran its course and lost the crown etc.


I think Vories gave me an excellent hairline. At 4 month mark I can see its starting to grow nicely. The transplanted hair feels like a brillo pad kind of rough. On my left side, you can see the grafts weren't placed closer to my existing side hair. You can see the gap that runs straight. I'm hoping when I'm at 100% growth by next year it will fluff up and cover everything normally. I'll attach photos from different time periods, and see what you think.


I traveled from Philadelphia to Mt Pleasant by Amtrak. It was a 12 hour adventure which I would never do again! I had arranged taxi service and was picked up promptly. I stayed at the Red Roof Inn for the 3 nights. Excellent service and I had the shopping center in walking distance.


The day I arrived at Vories office, I had a pre op consultation with Vories and his assistant Mike Frame. Frame is an awesome guy; he talked back and forth for months before I wanted to do the procedure. We did 2000 grafts the same day, started at 7AM ending at 4PM. Breaks every hour, and we stopped for lunch. Worst part of procedure was being still and placing your head in awkward positions throughout the day. The injections medicine pricking was a bit painful but bearable since its very quick. The morning was for removing the grafts and afternoon was implanting them. His medical assistants were very nice, and helpful. The entire team was wonderful. Vories did all the extractions and implanting manually. The 2nd day, it was the same as first day repeat. The implantation felt like your scalp being sewing with a needle and thread!


Sleeping on pillow was very hard; I had pain on all three sides, almost impossible to get away from unless you sleep face flat. I was on the pain medicine Vories prescribed. It helped immensely. Scalp was numb and transplanted area felt like you had a piece of leather with super glue!


On my return trip, was chaos because 12 hour trip back to Philly with my scalp on fire not too fun. Glad I didn't stay a few extra days. Within a few days my forehead swelled up to my entire face. My face looked very stretched out. It was horrible. Vories did forewarn me that it may happen. The swelling went away about a week.


I stayed on advil and tylenol for 3 weeks until the pain went away after my pain prescription ran out within that week.










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yep i agree, looks nice work there & on the 4mth mark it looks like its taking shape, love the new hairline also.

Dr Vories is fast becoming the top FUE Dr in the US , IMO


Did the Dr say how many grafts you may have left in your donor region?


happy growing thanks for sharing your post.

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Prior to Vories, I had other consultations with doctors on the coalition list. A third told me I would need 7000 grafts, some told me 4000 would be good, one told me I needed 5500. A few mentioned I wasn't a good candidate at all.


Vories didn't tell me how much I have left. He told me if my loss is stable I wouldn't need it. I may lose my sides in the far future do I probably need another 2500 or so to fill in the above ears section I assume.

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I would have thought you wouldn't be a suitable candidate either , you look a norwood 6 or 7 to me, it's a very ambitious case this


However you have good growth there for just over 4 months, be interesting to see how it all pans out for you, good luck avatar and thanks for posting

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I think it looks decent, there is some growth, but not yet fully matured at 7 months. You have good quality donor hair, very thick, so that should amplify the result.


I am curious about the planning, why did Dr V do a hairline to crown procedure rather than hairline to midscalp?

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That looks a bit sparse and spaced out doesn't it? Couldn't the doctor have put them a bit closer together? There is a space between you're real hair and the new hair isn't there ? Can't see much on the hairline. can you put that up here too. I have an FUE doc near me and I'm thinking of going but he doesn't have his own before and after pictures so a little worried.

I hope you grow more guy.

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Hi hawkdriver. I was hoping for an update too. The last pictures showed some of those holes that i have seen in other fue cases (but no one can explain to me what causes them). I was hoping to see an update with less holes and more coverage. Congratulations to you avatar. I am considering fue myself and threads like this really help patients out. So thank you too.

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