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Hi everyone,

I'm french so escuse my english writting.

I come to this forum cause I think it's the best place for good advices.


To resume, I'm 27, losing my hair since Im 20. I tried propecia and minox in the beginning for more than a year but stopped quickly cause the loss continued. ( I didn't have side effects, so I want to take duta or fina again prior the hair transplant)

All my hair on top don't grow anymore, so I will have a large zone to cover.

the problem is that I have a poor donor aera, not really dense. But well it's quite normal i think cause during the last 5 years I did the worst things for my hair health : no propecia, no sport, really bad eating/diet, a lot of smoke, many months on anti depressant, a lot of stress, no regularly shampoo, lot of sebum production in my hair with some dermatitis sometimes,etc...

well all the worst things, so I think it's normal that my horse shoe isn't going really well no?

What is the minimum of donor aera grafts approx. for a person with a bad donor area you think?


I plan to use my FUs for the front and mildscalp, and if possible use bht to densify the vertex, do you think it's possible in my case? How much grafts do I need approx. for a decent result with a conservative approach?

Does legs hairs are also good for bht to put in the crown?


If i take propecia, changes my way of life for healthy hair, and use maximum of my UFs, do you think it's even too risky to go the ht route with my severe hairloss? or is it possible that I will live a few years with a quite decent haircut?


I plan to do smp if the result isn't good one year later, for a buzz cut (densify the ht), or for a complete shaved look it depends.

and perahp's during that time there will be innovation in HT, or in medication. Or even a stem cell therapy in 5,10,20 years^^


So it's good to try a big FUE/BHT no? even if i'm not the good candidate? what would you do in my case?


I need to do something, it's ruining my social life and depressed me, I tell myself " what I have to loose? except money of course", if it can help me for 2 or 3 years, I will enjoy that. So what I have to loose again?

Am i going crazy or is my plan realistic guys?



Did you see others with a thin donor aera who get a transplant with decent result?


Thanks in advance for the probable help. I really think it's here that I can get the best advices.


a french dude




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One thing to add, in my donor aera, you can see that all the hair are not at the same lenght, but it's because I shaved myself and forgot some aeras^^

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