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Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC) - "Turn the Tide" in Front (2215 grafts)

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This 31-year-old had grown frustrated by the progressive thinning of the hair throughout the frontal half of his scalp. A 2215 micro graft procedure with Dr. Carlos Wesley helped fill in not only his hairline, but also regions of future loss within the patient's mid scalp region. His results can be seen approximately 16 months after his follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure in which both platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and ACell were used as storage solution.











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Gorgeous, refined, natural work, especially given the patient's high contrast between hair color and skin tone. Patient was well served in this instance by taking a conservative approach and not closing temples but instead filling in and densifying his natural pattern. Looks great on him.

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We appreciate your comments. I'm especially glad to hear that so many of you are able to understand the benefit of not only addressing the "now" (the 30s, in this patient's case), but also planning for later in life when more severe hair loss surrounding an isolated transplanted region would start to look unnatural and draw attention to itself.


Often times, as demonstrated in this patient scenario, increasing hair fullness within a hairline gives the illusion of lowering a hairline without actually lowering it. The patient loves this in the short term because the fuller hairline provides a healthier facial framing. It's equally important as well that the patient is appreciative down the road when they maintain an age-appropriate hairline that still looks natural.

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