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Getting nervous/cold feet leading up to procedure

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Hi All,


I have a procedure scheduled with Dr. Parsa Mohebi (1500 FUE) in a few weeks and am getting very anxious/contemplating cancelling. I am 25 years old with a very thinning hairline. I started thinning around 21-22 years old, but nothing has really changed (knock on wood) since. I am pretty confident everything will look great short term, but one of my worries (I have many) is about long term results. I really don't want to go down the route of having to have multiple procedures....I've used Rogaine foam daily for about a year but do not want to take propecia as I had negative side effects a year ago when I took it.


Attached are pictures of my hairline. What do you guys think? I'm essentially asking those who have gone through with the procedure 5-10 years ago what they think of their results now? Also if anyone thinks 25 years old is too young?


Attaching photos from my visit, plus a "selfie", and what my hair looks like when it's usually down.









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I would not recommend a 25 year old not able to take propecia to have a procedure. Just my opinion. Someone not wanting multiple procedures is another huge red flag. Your doctor or rep should council you on this.

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I agree with Spanker. Your hair loss is going to continue, unfortunately. I really think you have to understand that you will probably need further HT's in order to make your head look natural.


Also, and I'm curious to get other opinions on this, but the proposed new hairline seems a tad aggressive and I'm not so sure 1500 grafts will be enough to match your native density behind.

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Obvious you haven't thought this long & hard.


Like OP mention ungoing HT at such a young age without taking any Meds is risky.

You proberly will be back in several yrs time as HT is not a cure you will still loose hair in the future unless you try to control that DHT with Meds or some natural supplements which is much less effective that Fin.


You couild speak with your Dr who can maybe compound a Topical ver of Fin how effective this new stuff there bringing out I've no clue but seems to be getting popular lately.

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