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Dr Andre Nel in Dublin

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Has anyone any reviews, experiences or opinions on Dr Andre Nel in Dublin please?


I'm not sure how much can be guessed from a CV but says here he trained with Feriduni - Dr Nel Hair Transplant Surgeon I don't really know anything about qualifications but would these show he has trained to high standard similar to other good doctors?


any thoughts on these patient photos? - Hair Transplant Photos


prices - Hair Transplant Cost - Hair Restoration Cost


and here's some interviews if this helps form any impression,


JOE talks hair loss and hair replacement | JOE.ie


would be great to hear what people think. Particularly from anyone who has actually been to him. Thanks

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I have been to him about getting a proscar prescription. He seems very knowledgeable, basically told me all the facts about hair loss and about Proscar. He also does not charge too much. He provided me with a prescription for Proscar which will save me alot of money.


Regarding hair transplants I would think he would be pretty good(just my general impression) but I personally cannot risk it. Pretty new clinic so its hard to tell.

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