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Hi guys,


Just a simple query.


I've recently had a HT FUE (3 weeks post op). I keep hearing about how coconut oil has great components for the scalp and for fat burning etc.


I currently live in the UK but plan moving back home to Ireland, can anyone recommend any brands of this?


Which are:


Good value for money


Edible for healthy reasons


Good for the scalp and skin etc


I've seen a lot of price variance and not sure what to do

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Hey mate, basically you want a butter based coconut mix not so much oil. It's really more of a hype than anything I used the stuff for two years really wasn't helpful if anything made my hair very greasy. All the brands are good also, just stick with as natural and chemical free as possible

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Dr Proctor's Nano Shampoo

Various Herbal supplements

Toppik/ Nanogen

Saw Palmetto

Provillus - LOL

Nanogen Shampoo

Laser Treatments (Epic Fail)


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You just wanna make sure you get Organic Virgin Cold-pressed Unrefined Coconut oil. This will be the most pure form of the oil you can buy. You can get it for around $6-7 at Whole Foods/most grocery stores. I use it from time to time when my scalp gets dried out and it works great for me.

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Thanks Guys, sorry for the late reply. I'll certainly take a look now

Hi. Have you made any conclusions? I'd like to know what you decide, if possible.



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Top benefits of coconut oil are:


· Keep You Healthy and Slim

· Support Your Immune System

· Promote Heart Health

· Give You Instant Energy

· Support Healthy Thyroid Function

· Help Keep Your Skin Youthful, Smooth & Healthy Looking

· Increase Cell Regeneration

· Promote Anti-viral,Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Bacterial Activity

· Improve Insulin Secretion

· Protect Your Body From Disease

· Controls weight

· Eases Digestion

· Manage type 2 Diabetes

· Boost Metabolism

· Slows Fine Lines

· Cooks in High Temperatures

· Stops Sugar Cravings

· To soothe dry hands

· As a Cheekbone Highlighter

· To Shave your Legs

· As a Deep-Conditioner

· To Remove eye make-up

· As a body moisturizer

· To clean your face

· To add shine

· In a Luscious Body Scrub

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Yes, coconut oil is best for so many things. It can moisturize skin and can repair damage hair and improve hair growth as well.

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Coconut oil has a lot of benefits and uses. Can I just highlight the uses of coconut oil to our hair? Well, it can be use as a conditioner, promotes hair growth too, it fights dandruff, can be use for styling your hair which is really awesome in my opinion, and lastly it can be use to treat or prevent lice.

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I am from India, and most people in South India use coconut oil for grooming. I have know others who use it and I now use it for 2-3 years before shower or a little bit after a shower. It will help in creating higher density, by increasing the diameter of the hair. Overall health of scalp and hair will also be better. The luster and shine and conditioning benefits are an extra. 

I wish someone made pure coconut oil gel which would be so much easier to apply.

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