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My experience of surgery with Dr Wong of Hasson and Wong

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Aftermath- I actually consulted with both Dr Hasson and Dr Wong prior to surgery. I met with them both over the years when they came to London. Interstingly both Dr''s had a different approach to tackling my surgery and also significantly differed on what they believed was possible in terms of available grafts. I would concur with you that both Dr''s are exceptional surgeons. However in coming to my decision I went with the Dr that was most aligned with my expectations.


Fair enough mate, I think you made the right decision for you and I think you look great! Can I ask what dr hasson said he would've done differently? Did dr Wong give you an idea of how many grafts are left in the bank?

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Dr Hasson felt that my hairline which had been established from a previous fue surgery years ago was fine in terms of its position and that he would refine it, make it dense and go back as far a possible. Dr Hasson also felt that due to my previous fue that I had approx 2000 grafts available. However Dr Wong felt that my hairline needed to be raised and he felt he could get approx 4000 grafts. Following my surgery I recall Dr Wong advising that he belives I have another approx 4000 grafts available.

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I went to Dr K in Istanbul .


It's funny how your mind can play tricks on how you can perceive your own progress .Some days you can feel the progress is good , and yet a day after you can question it . To be fair I'm happy with my progress to date , definate improvement to pre-op .


Threads with updates like yours can give a great yardstick to how things are going ( albeit rates of progress can vary greatly ).

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Chris 39- I agree with you. Over the past 12 months I have had periods when I've thought my hair looks thin, thick, lense dense, more dense. But whatever the case the surgery has had a dramatic impact on before my surgery.


Home1212- Dr Wong has done a fantastic job. I'm so glad that I chose Dr Wong.

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se7en great result and another proud graduate of "Wong University"!


Dr. Dow Stough - 1000 Grafts - 1996

Dr. Jerry Wong - 4352 Grafts - August 2012

Dr. Jerry Wong - 2708 Grafts - May 2016


Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,

but it doesn't stop the clock.

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Thanks for updating the forum with your latest photos se7en. We spent several years talking about what would be possible from your surgery and you were asking whether you would get a result like such and such poster. I think Dr Wong has done a fantastic job in softening the hairline and giving you coverage all over. I know the second session that you felt was necessary before surgery is much less of a priority know you have the final results of this one.


It has been a real pleasure to deal with you over these years. I expect I will get people asking for a result like Se7en's now.


Former patient and representative for Hasson & Wong.


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are esteemed members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.


My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.



My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Hasson

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