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Survival Rate of Grafts from Extraction to Maturity different FUE Extraction Methods

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I am considering a number of Hair transplant surgeons for an FUE treatment. I previously had a FUT (strip) procedure performed in 2010. Now I want FUE, because strip is terrible and dont want to go through that again. However strip has a high graft survival rate. FUE not so high. Which option is best and by what percentage for 4000 grafts FUE.


1. 4000 Grafts in one mega session with micro motor extraction


2. 2000 a day Grafts over two days with micro motor extraction


3. 4000 grafts over 3 days with manual extraction


The first being the cheapest. Costing one third of the cost of the third option. It wouldnt be reasonable to pay three times as much for 10% higher survival rate / yield.


With the first option blood flow is cut off to 40% of the grafts for more than 3 hrs to 20% of the grafts for more than 5hrs


In the second option all grafts are planted within 4hrs, the third option within 2-3hrs. Does this make any difference?

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Several things affect survival in this situation:


1. Transection - Personally, I think manual FUE offers the lowest rates of transection. Using manual tools allows a certain level of tissue feedback not possible with motorized devices. There is also less torsion and heat.


2. Time out of body - FUE grafts are naturally "skeletonized." This is a fancy way of saying they contain less nurturing, protective supporting tissue. This is because they are removed with very small punches opposed to dissection under microscopes. This means they are more prone to dehydration. Dehydration is deadly to fragile follicular unit grafts. Undergoing multiple smaller sessions with less graft "out of body" time will probably increase yield.


3. Manipulation - Trying to remove and implant 4,000 grafts in one sitting will likely involve more rapid extraction and implantation. This, in my mind, creates the opportunity for more rapid, less gentle, more chaotic graft manipulation.


Hope this helps!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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2nd option sounds good - extractions from left side on first day and right side from 2nd day. If you find a surgeon who has been doing extractions with micro motor for a long time, it is not much of an issue. Clinics mostly charge on per graft basis. I do not understand the cost difference between first and second options though. Also, if cost is an issue, find bit inexpensive surgeons on this forum. Surgeons in Turkey and India are cheap as I have experienced.

I recently had a HT with Kapil Dua from India whose FTR was 2-3 percent.

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Thanks for the advice, unfortunately in my case cost is an issue. I have waited long enough and can't wait or save anymore. I will be going for the first option I think I will post before and after shots.I will start a blog on my results.I am booked in for the 1st of June this year.

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