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My experience with Dr. Scott Alexander HT 2462 Grafts - 4 months

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Hi everyone,

Hopefully my experience helps those of you who are thinking about taking the Hair Transplant plunge.


I started losing my hair when I was 27. The front scalp area and crown - Norwood II would be my classification. I don't think is necessary to talk about how that changes one's life - I'm sure you know how dreadful that feels. For a lot of years, I lived my life masquerading my hair loss with comb overs and crafty hair volumizer products. The tipping point for me was when I was late to a business meeting because it took me over 45 minutes to fix my hair in a way I felt publically comfortable. I decided then that I had to do something drastic.


After educating myself and reading about my options, it became clear that a HT was the right move for me. Step in Dr. SCOTT ALEXANDER. After one consultation with him, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. There's something about his calm, collected persona that makes you feel at ease and instills trust. Within three weeks of the consultation, I was getting HT 2462 grafts in my front scalp with ACell to accelerate hair growth. I cannot say enough about how professional and customer centric the staff was. They attended to all my questions, concerns and were gentle every step of the way.


The post-op process was not as bad I thought it would be. The first night was the worse in terms of pain and discomfort. It gradually gets better thereon. Patience became vital for me during the first few months after the surgery. I tried not to look at the transplanted site and live a healthy life. I took Dr. Alexander's advice and gave up smoking, started on 1mg Finasteride, Rogaine foam and also began exercising and weightlifting three weeks after the procedure. Plus, I ate real healthy the majority of the time and made sure to take my vitamins, fish oil, multi-vitamin, and biotin. A week before the 4 month mark, I started seeing significant results and was beginning to be able to do my hair quickly and stylish.


The pics attached are from close to the 5 month period (4 months and 3 weeks to be exact). I am ecstatic with the results thus far! I know that I haven't reached the phase where the growth really kicks-in but my quality of life has already improved tremendously.


Not only was the ACell instrumental in jump-starting growth, but Dr. Alexander offers a unique differentiator unlike any others. That is his artistic drawing background. He drew my hairline in rather than the uniform lines you see with other surgeons. The idea is to emulate what a real hair line looks like, jagged. This and the superb customer service has made my experience the best one could ask for. I look forward to posting again in the future.


Warm wishes,


















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