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Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Julieta Peralta-Arambulo


]Hair transplantation surgical procedure before and after photographs[/b]


Hair Transplant Session : 1

Diagnosis: Androgenic Alopecia , Norwood type IV

Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Extraction


Total Grafts : 1,588 ToTal Hair : 3,097

1Hair - 379

2 Hair - 909

3 Hair -300


This patient with Androgenic Alopecia , Norwood Type IV had 1 session of hair transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction. A toral of 1588 grafts was placed: 1,131 grafts to restore crown area and 347 grafts to add density to fronto- temporal hairline. Some grafts planted by stick and place .He was the first patient of Dr. Arambulo who , 1 day after surgery received the Low Level Laser Treatment , 2x a week for 5 sessions only . The final results shown were 7 months after surgery.












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