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Suggested 1800 fut graft procedure

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So I had my consultation with dr feller about a week ago and he proposed 1800 fut grafts,he did say my donor is good..I feel we see eye to eye so far and I do realize/plan for further surgery givin my age, I am on finasteride for about 20 months and I think it has helped me keep some hair and I think the crown has benefited and I'm content with it for now..ultimately I'm looking for results that I feel comfortable with my hair again..I've been living with hats and bandanas for years now and worse part of that is I'm not really a 'hat guy' and never was so I'm always questioned about it and I've grown weary lol..so the plan Is to get me a hairline again and fill in all that mid-frontal area as my front little tuft/island is still good but behind it is very thin (I do wish I took out my phone and snapped a few shots of the hairline he proposed but o well) so if anybody has any thoughts/opinions if this seems like enough I do appreciate any input and my apologies in advance if this isn't the best write up but I never was the most attentive to details honestly in a perfect world I would ask two questions to a ht dr 1.will it work 2.how much :)


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