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DO I have to use finasteride before and after FUE?

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Hi all, First post here! After weeks of researching FUE I decided to take the plunge and have the procedure performed abroad. I researched the doctors on this and other forums extensively. I ended up contacting four doctors for an online consultation which included me sending them photographs of my scalp and explaining my finasteride sides.


My story is as follows I am now 40 years old. I stated losing my hair at around 30 years of age. For the past 6 years I have been using minoxidil. The first two years of using minoxidil I was blown away with results and so was my doctor but the monoxidil effect have dwindled. Four years ago I was also put on finasteride by a hair and skin specialist in Melbourne. Unfortunately I suffered from side effects like erectile dysfunction. My scalp also responded very well to finasteride just like it did to minoxidil. I discontinued finasteride due to its sides.


Back to my point and question. All four doctors replied to my questions relatively fast and I explained my side effects to all the doctors. They all suggested 4000-4500 grafts which I have no problem with at all except for one doctor.


One doctor’s reply particularly caught my attention. Please see reply below.


Dr ********* thinks that to do a hair transplantation will not help you, because you will keep losing your hair, and without finasteride we can’t help you. you will lose the upper area and only the transplanted area will be left. and you will not be satisfied. That’s why Dr ******* does not want to do your Surgery. He doesn't want you to be unhappy with the result.


Im just after some opinions and I realize that most of you guys are not doctors or physicians but it would be good to get some first-hand experience from members who has gone through the same process and have been in the same situations as me with . I have included a few pictures of my scalp. What do you all think?







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