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Can LLLT post HT HURT?

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I know there are differing opinions on whether LLLT grows hair or not, but it seems indisputable from multiple studies that it aids in skin/cell healing after surgery (not specifically hair transplants). I'd like to get a good laser cap for post surgery, if it doesn't help at all I don't mind the expense to try to to get a better result out of a $15k surgery. However I don't want to do anything that could REVERSE gains or hurt the grafts. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I can of course ask the surgeon but so far every one has given me a different opinion whether it grows hair and whether to do pre-surgery ('yes, prepares recipient donor tissue', 'no increases micro-circulation and therefore bleeding') I was looking for anyone with scientific, empirical or anecdotal evidence.

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Hi ready4hair


As anecdotal, I used LLLT after my last surgery, 7th one in total, and I noticed it sped up post op healing and I did so after reading a lot on it and post surgery benefits and trials etc.


You do need to ask your doctor/clinic as they may have caveats post surgery for using LLLT but I tried as I was asked a lot about it and can say my healing was very fast.

I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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