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Finasteride side affects start?


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Hello all.

Although I am new to the forum I have been reading for a couple of years so I have a little knowledge but not great!.

I started Finasteride 2 weeks ago 1.25mg every day "5mg tab split to 4".

I have no side affects and totally feel fine, my question is when if they do, start to kick in?.

I know every one is different but just a rough idea would give me a clue.

Thank you very much in advance!.

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Hey, I did the exact same thing, 10 days ago... generic Fin 5mg, split 4 ways... I noticed side affects almost immediately... I am 51 and have never had libido issues, or any other erectile dysfunction issues...at first, I thought it might be just psychological, since I had also read about the potential for side effects of this nature... but, after a day or two, I "tested" things out with my spouse, and definitely something was up... after a few more days, I just decided to not continue the treatment....I have read that in some patients the symptoms can linger for many months even after discontinuing...

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