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Please evaluate my candidacy/Dr. choice

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Hi Everybody,


Im a very longtime lurker looking to get FUE in the near future. I'm looking for advice as to how good of a candidate I am and possibly some Dr suggestions.


My biggest question is how good of a candidate am I? I think I have good characteristics, but no propecia. I think I could just do the frontal third/half but have thinning through nw 4/5 area. My sides seem pretty strong and I have good temple points and am looking to go conservative for sure.


I always felt strongly about Dr Ron Shapiro because he has such soft hairlines and you look back to normal a week later. But I'm thinking I might need a fairly large procedure but maybe I should just do the frontal third? I've been very impressed recently by Konior, Erdogan, and of course the Maral clinic. I'm thinking it would be nice to stay in the U.S. but I won't let money/travel interfere with the best result for my case.


My stats:

- 31 yrs old, slowly losing since 19ish

- Dirty blond, light brown slightly curly, coarse hair

- Can't take Propecia due to strong reaction to sides, do take Minox w additives in it


I've loaded some pics with harsh lighting and some with soft lighting. Please let me know if more info or better pics would be helpful.


Thanks in advance!








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Not the best photos, but I'd keep it conservative, especially off of fin. It's a shame because it looks like you're the you're that could get a lot of extra years off of it.


If look at 2500 in the frontal 3rd to start out, fue, and see where you want to go from there. If your native hands out a while, I think 2500 would be a good start. I'd leave the crown alone.


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Thank your for the reply. I also personally think 2500 conservatively in the frontal third and leaving the crown alone is the best course of action.


Im concerned because I can start to see the outline in the crown and the horseshoe. I'd like to think that it will hold up and I'm really not concerned as much with the crown as I am framing my face.


If it helps.... My dad, who is the oldest of three, would be a perfect candidate for an HT. He has thick hair everywhere except the frontal third. His younger brothers are full blown nw 5/6. I have my mom's hair texture but my loss seems to be fairly slow, yet steady. My moms brothers are nw 5/6 but her dad had a good head of hair(nw 2/3) when he passed in his early 50's.


Thanks again.

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