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3 month Strip 2,000 hair transplant. Only 30 new hairs

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I had a transplant strip surgery 3 month ago. 2,000.


Only 30 new hairs. Getting worried it didn't go well. Texted the Doctor assistant a week ago said its normal but I keep seeing all these three month photos with 100's of hairs.


What do you guys think?

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Without pictures it's difficult to comment, but it's certainly within expectations. 3 months is early. You should start seeing growth around 4-6 months. I've heard stories about delayed, explosive growth at 9 months, although rare.


If the hairs were implanted among native hairs then the new ones will be difficult to spot. They'll be thin and may lack color at first.

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The grafts go dormant for roughly three months before the enter a new growth phase so they are probably just beginning to sprout...;)


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