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White follicles while shampoo

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Hey guys,

I am 6 days after transplant and began to shampoo my head a bit rougher to get out the scabbing. I have noticed a lot of white follicles come out (not with hairs, just white follicles)


Is this normal?

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Was there blood with it? If not you should be okay. However, please understand that all grafts may not be fully secure yet till day 9 (Dr. Rasman & Dr. Bernstein study) I personally would be pretty cautious for at least 10 days to be on the safe side with your grafts. Always a good thing to correspond with your clinic about this. You are probably fine though, don't worry!

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Yeah this is skin/scab. Nothing to worry about. When it dries it may feel like sand.

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No doubt what you are seeing are the crusts which are the dead and dried out tissue from the tips of the implanted grafts.


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