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Why don't HTs use Twilight Anesthesia?

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Just curious since I used this once for wisdom teeth and although I was in theory conscious (not sedated) the experience was basically count backwards from 10, I reached 6, next thing I knew I was wheeled into the recovery room with both impacted molars gone.


Given how long HT surgery is and the painful stages why wouldn't they do that for HTs? Too long?

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Time is one factor but it is also because clinics often need to move the patient and if they are sedated it is problematic and in some cases downright impossible. Lack of sedation also allows the patient to have more of a contribution to the procedure as they can ask for adjustments and fine tuning during the procedure. If performed properly there is absolutely no need for sedation, especially with FUE.

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Well, you can get up to stretch your legs during the procedure. You'll also get a lunch break and of course bathroom breaks. Hopefully the techs will be personable so chatting with them may also make the time go by faster. Always remember, it's just one day then the real wait will begin:) Btw, whom are you flying from NY to see in San Francisco?

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