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Need Surgeon Recommendation!!

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Personally, your hair looks great to me…..with that being said, Dr. Konior (Chicago) is very close to Ohio and is as good as they come. He's very much a realist and will take you through your options. I'd highly recommend you see him in person. One issue to address is future loss and the possibility of shock loss after surgery. Dr. Konior has a fantastic patient rep (Spanker) on this site as well and he is a great resource. Good luck.

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PharmD --- If meds are having no effect on you, and thats my assumption given your post , then it is VERY important to first ascertain the hair loss pattern before jumping into a transplant and that's where an experienced surgeon can guide you as to long term expectations.


If you are a NW5+ to 6 type progressive, diffuse thinner like me (check out other HT experience posts under my name) -- it is indeed tough as even if they took ALL your donor supply and transplanted it , your hair will eventually look not that much different than how it does now and a conservative approach would be warranted .


On the other hand, if your hair loss stabilizes at a lower NW level then you have more aggressive options with respect to hairline placement etc.


if you are in Ohio , I consider you lucky as you are a short flight away from two excellent clinics -- Shapiro Medical Group in Minneapolis and Dr Konior in Chicago, as well as the NY based surgeons.


Good luck !


FUT #1, ~ 1600 grafts hairline (Ron Shapiro 2004)

FUT #2 ~ 2000 grafts frontal third (Ziering 2011)

FUT #3 ~ 1900 grafts midscalp (Ron Shapiro early 2015)

FUE ~ 1500 grafts frontal third, side scalp, FUT scar repair --300 beard, 1200 scalp (Ron Shapiro, late 2016)




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As they stated your hair looks fine at the moment.


If you aren't experiencing any sides I would continue with the meds which should help prevent/slow future loss.


I saw in your profile that you are only 22? I would imagine most ethical physicians would advise you wait and see how things progress & stabilize before booking a procedure.


The clinics that were mentioned are all very good and it may not hurt to do a consult to discuss your concerns.


At your age I would wait for awhile and try and maintain what you have which looks fine at the moment.

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