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Dr KORAY ERDOGAN - 4004 grafts FUE

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- NW: IV



* Temporal, Parietal and Occipital density: 60 uf/cm2

* Parietal and Occipital Hair Diameter: 60 micron


- OPERATION DETAILS: 4004 grafts FUE extracted by manual punch, diameter 0.6 - 0.8 mm.

Incisions executed by: custom made blades, lateral slit


* 505 single grafts

* 1634 double grafts

* 1865 multiple grafts

* General average Hair per Graft: 2.42


- GRAFTS DISTRIBUTION: 2002 grafts were used to restore the patient's frontal area; 2002 grafts were used to fill the mid-scalp and to cover the vertex


- FINASTERIDE: The patient started the treatment 1 year before undergoing the surgery


* Please note that the "RESULT" pictures were sent by the patient










































































ASMED Surgical Medical Center

Dr Koray Erdogan. Istanbul, Turkey

- For info, evaluations and quotations: htn@asmed.com.tr

- Telephone Contacts (Numbers active in working time and 24h for urgencies):

Main number : (+90) 216 464 11 11

USA: (+1) 8454612049

UK: (+44) 2035191146

- Free online consultation: Online Consultation Form

- For additional information on our clinic, cost and photos:

Asmed Hair Transplant Official Website

- Our Official Facebook Page

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this result is remarkable, could possibly be one of the most distinct fue results. I wonder how many surgeons can top that. nice coverage for the number of grafts AND doing so īn and around preexisting native hairs. The donor doesnt seem to have a shockloss or visible extraction halo. that is very important.

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Those are great results! Great coverage and both the donor and recipient areas look full and thick.


Well done, Dr. Erdogan! I'm sure your patient is ecstactic with his results.

Any questions, please let me know.


Robert Ha, Senior Patient Advisor

Dr. H. Rahal is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

Rahal - Restoring more than just hair™


Current Hair Loss Arsenal:

Proscar 5mg (Cut into 1/4): 1x Daily

Generic Minoxidil 5%: 2x Daily

Nizoral Shampoo: 2x weekly

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What is it that would return such amazing results? I mean what qualities about the users hair? His hair caliber seemed average-low, his density low-average, his donor supply on the lower side, his coverage required was pretty extreme. Yet I've seen a few results like this from Dr. Erdogan that are almost beyond belief. This is in addition to his fantastic, excellent, super, really good, good and acceptable results. I'm just trying to see if there is some common denominator. So far all I can find is dark hair.

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This does appear almost too good to be true. This is only 4000 grafts on a patient with pretty decent amount of loss.


I think the transection rate on this case must have been less than 5%.


This may show the true value in using a manual punch when doing FUE. This result is on par with many top tier FUT results and at 60 microns (caliber hair) the patients hair was just above average.


Lucky guy!!

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I really want to believe this result and am not the cynical sort. With that said it seems too good to be true.


Agree with that. Too good to be true. Having said that, this guy must be over the moon

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I think a major part in this result may be down to the survival of the remaining native hair.

His hair is about 3x longer than in the pre op photos but this coupled with a outstanding team effort have produced

a unbelievable result.

You know its a mega result when people start asking themselves is it for real what's been acheived.

I bet this guy has face ache from all his smiling.

Good for him.

Have a good day

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This is just variability in a hair transplant, this guy tops the scoreboard. First of all he has a high average of hair with 2.42 per graft, secondly above average hair thickness.


Most importantly he has a diffused hair pattern is on finasteride a few months before the operation. It's easier to work around these native hairs without causing transection due to the way they are spread. He definitely kept most of them.The finasteride may also have further helped him, as results may even continue to go further past the 1 year mark. Furthermore the transplanted grafts obviously regulate their dermal macro-environment and will create adipogenesis and vascularization in the area they are transplanted in. There is a high probability that his native hairs got a extra boost of quality because of this in the the form of thickening.


Couple this with a high yield and you have results like these. However don't stare your down on these results, such results as these are exceptional. These are rare examples in which everything is almost as good as it can get.


Guy must be happy though, genetical and environmental lottery ticket, very nice!

Edited by Swooping

Proud to be a representative of world elite hair transplant surgeon Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic.



Online consultations: damian@bhrclinic.com

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Finasteride was actually 1 yr before surgery, which typically rules out a huge boost to meds, unless before picture is when he started fin. But yes, his groupings are good and hair caliber very good. That said, never seen this illusion of density before.


Why do you suspect adipogenesis? Shouldn't we see native hairs getting a boost more regularly if adipogenesis was w predictable phenomenon?

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Awesome result the lucky swine.

The dry pre op pictures are much appreciated also.

Have a nice day


Not sure how that would make any difference whatsoever in this case to be honest. People should quit moaning about that, he only does it to fully highlight areas of hair loss, not mislead people.

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