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Hair restoration result after 18 months in Minneapolis MN - Need advice

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Folks, I need some advice about my hair restoration results. I went through hair restoration procedure (Strip method) in Aug 2013 and paid for 4300 grafts to one of the Hair Restoration Clinics in Minneapolis, MN. Being on the Norwood scale of 3 (vertex) at that time I was expecting great results with 4300 grafts, which were mostly transplanted on the front. However after 18 months of long wait time I have still visible bald spot on the front and no change on the vertex. The bald spots are so visible that no one believes in my hair restoration story. I did meet my surgeon last year in August 2014 and I was told that I must see significant improvement after 18 months of the post transplantation date but unfortunately nothing has been improved. I have been paying great attention to the post-transplant care.I am still on Finasteride (1 mg), Rogain, Lipogaine, Multivitamin, MSM and fish oil on daily basis including wash with Nizarol twice a week. After spending almost $15000 on hair restoration,I am really disappointed with my hair transplant experience. I am uploading my Pre and Post-transplant pictures for review and comments. Any advice in this regard will be highly appreciated.









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Samj, If folks can't differentiate between pre and post pics then there obviously is an issue even after 18 months. Considering this was a large procedure there should be a distinct change by now. I would readdress concerns to the clinic and askwhat can be done to remedy your situation, whehter it is to fix the situation or financial reiumbusement. Majority of folks can see where their resilt is headed at the 9 month mark, after that is mostly consists of maturing of transplanted hairs, very unlikely new grafts would sprout to fill in areas of concern. I still do not understand why some clinics have patients wait longer than the 12 month mark when there are distinct concerns needing substantial improvement/change to enhance appearance.


Best of luck to you and hope you find some resolution.

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4300 grafts mostly transplanted in the frontal zone should have had a distinct change. You seemed to have existing hairs there too to what would have made the outcome even better, however, it is hard to pinpoint changes based on the photos? If you said under a 1000 grafts it would be less questionable, but 4300 grafts is a lot. Most folks can be covered from hairline to midscalp with that many, and, be able to notice a substantial change.

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what is the clinic response to your result. for that many grafts there should be a huge improvement from where you started.i hope you can get the result your looking for, im pulling for you, thanks for sharing your story, try to stay positive and strong,what are your plans moving forward?

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Hello samj.

This is very very poor to say the least are you going to say which clinic gave you basically no result ?

As already stated with that amount of grafts you should of been looking like a different person.

Apart from the communication you mentioned have you had any other with your dr ?

I feel for you I really do.

IMO who ever it is they should take a leef out of dr meshkins book and just give you your money back.

Unfortunately he can't give you back the wasted grafts.

Please could you tell a fuller story if there is one? Give as much detail as possible.

Have a good day

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Something fishy going on here or the wrong photos were tagged and uploaded.


The two vertex photos are the exact same except one has been rotated 90 degrees.


That is unless the bottle on its side in the background has not been moved for a year.

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1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg every 3rd day

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Hopefully things will work out for your good.

A lot of cases such as this the clinic or dr isn't named because of a risk of negotiations being complicated by you giving out negativety about them.

Perfectly understandable and thats why I never press to know who the doc is if you wanted us to know you probably would of said by now.

All the best and I look forward to seeing how you got on.

Have a nice day

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