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Dr. Lindsey repair case on automated FUE done elsewhere, McLean VA

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This young fellow flew in with a story we have seen with increasing frequency.

He saw a number of ads for "scarless" FUE surgery, saw a doctor who does limited hair work and then underwent 1200 FUE's. This man then had limited growth, significant donor area scarring, AND genetically is likely to lose significantly more hair as he ages. Fortunatly his hairline was not brought un-naturally low.

When he sent in pics by email, our main discussion revolved around whether he should have a small repair case now, or simply wait and do a medium or larger case when the rest of his front thins. He, his mom, and I all had a pretty involved discussion on this and since its a real stressor for him now, and they appear to understand that he's likely to need future work done with future hair loss, we proceeded with a small repair case.

Shown are intra-op pics. Notice how few tranplanted hairs appear to be in his original treatment area. Also, see the fairly large depigmented white scars in his excised donor strip. Lastly note that when we made the new recipient slits, I attempt to get as close to the hairs that he's already paid for elsewhere that I can. Finally, even though we shaved off those preexisting transplanted hairs, he is pretty tightly packed at the end of the case.

Hopefully he'll grow better this time. Unfortunately other than hearing from him that he was having trouble getting his sutures out on time locally, I haven't heard back.

The bottom line is that hair is not the cookie cutter practice addition that some companies say that it is...trying to sell a "hair practice" at national meetings to doctors wanting to boost their income. As an ENT doctor and a Facial Plastic doctor...I get these marketing solicitations weekly, as many of my colleagues do.

Hair is hard enough to do even if you do a lot of it...the best advice for potential patients is to do their research BEFORE they go in for a consultation. Forums like this are an excellent tool to get started with.

Hopefully I'll get pics to update his progress as the year progresses.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA










William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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