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Is this a dead graft?

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Is this a dead graft, or just a shed hair?


I'm day 73 post op. Is it possible that a graft can die after implantation but stay embedded for weeks/months and then lift out looking like that pic? Or am I overthinking it?


Between days 25-50, I shedded about 90% of the implants. Some were shed in the shower, and they were clean, small hairs, about 5-8 at a time. But also, my scalp itched and whenever I ran my fingers through my hair where the itch was, and I lightly grazed with my finger nail, a hair would usually come out with a little piece of dried skin attached, usually in the middle of the hair. This one has substantially more skin, and goes to the bottom of the hair, which isn't typical but I've also seen it many times.


Just looking for some reassurances during this very ugly duckling phase.


NW5a, fin/foam/couvre

3801 grafts FUE, Dr Jose Lorenzo - Madrid, November 2014

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negative! that is not a dead graft. that is the root sheath that has a little bulb attached to it which is common. the grafts can dislodge but usually only after the first or second day but u wud see blood to go with that.


the sheath is not living and normal to fall out. that does not prevent the grafts from taking. at (10) days the graft is completely incorporated and growing in the scalp. no amount of scratching or combing is gonna dislodge the graft at that point.


so u being 73 days out u can discount the idea that the grafts has dislodged. u can wash ur hair like normal after (10) days.


so relax and happy growing.... and it was done by Lorenzo so thats even less to worry about.

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