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Day 4, losing grafts?

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I was told to apply a bit more pressure with my fingertips during my hair washes on day 4 post-op. I did so tonight, and after I was finished I noticed two pieces of "crust" stuck in my hair that were no longer attached to my scalp. i flicked them out into my hand and they appeared exactly like the hair grafts that I have seen pictures of (i.e. a rice looking bit with 2 hairs stuck in them.) Is it possible that these are anything other than lost grafts? :(


Thanks all.

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If you lose proper grafts at this stage there would be a trickle of blood running from your scalp. If there is no blood it's a combination of early shedding and losing scabs.



Your grafts are secure after day 10 please don't force scabs or crusts off before that. At least that's what I've been told :]

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thanks for the feedback. i have read exactly what you are saying (on bernstein's site for instance) but my dr gave specific instructions to begin gently rubbing the grafted area from day five onward to remove scabs and crusts. I'm going to follow those instructions, but do so as carefully as possible.

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