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Going to work after a hair transplant

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I'm planning to get a HT in a few months and I might only be able to take a few days off of work. (I work in a corporate office) I know from looking at progress pictures that the appearance of the surgery (scabs, redness, etc) doesn't go away for at least 2 weeks, and I don't have the ability to take that much time off of work.


Any advice on people who've gone back to work shortly after the procedure? Do you tell everyone to get it out of the way or do you act like nothing happened?



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Yep. A nice, professional looking hat is your best bet - combined with a note from your doctor saying you need to wear the hat for medical reasons. Your employers shouldn't question it. That's the route I took and it worked out perfectly.


Otherwise, just go in and rock the post surgery look and be completely upfront if you want. I've found that people are more intrigued and excited than anything if you tell them you had a hair transplant. It may be embarrassing at first, but once you see the support/positive reaction from people, that'll quickly subside. And then you can have a support team as your hair starts to grow back in and get random boosts of confidence when they see you in several months and say "Wow! Look at your hair! That's sooooo cool.:cool:"

I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My views/opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

Check out my hair loss website for photos

FUE surgery by Dr. Mohebi on 7/31/14
2,001 grafts - Ones: 607; Twos: 925; Threes: 413; Fours: 56

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I work in a corporate environment where it is NOT possible to wear a cap . I often meet clients dressed up very formally and wearing a hat, even if I claimed for medical reasons, would not fly, at least for me .


That being said, I was able to return to work day 6 post op after my FUT (# 3 ) procedure by keeping the hair a little bit longer and using concealers like "fill-in" powder that blend the donor scar area with the surrounding hair.


My coworkers haven't made any comments so far (and it is a tough crowd I can tell you that) --- this was true after even HT #1 and HT # 2 -- basically keeping my hair long before the procedure worked each time.


It also helped that I am a diffuse NW5+ - 6 thinner and have been sequencing HTs to keep pace with my hair loss so it wasn't a case of a full head of hair suddenly appearing where there was none before. I am not on meds .


With FUE , you will need to shave down so that may take a longer recovery time and it may not be possible to return to work so quickly.


But don't let that be a driving factor in the choice of procedure (FUT or FUE) if this is your first HT. I already had an FUT scar from previous HTs so for me , the choice was somewhat easier -- doing FUT again to maximize the supply one last time and then one (and hopefully only) future FUE to fine tune some and also blend in the scar if that becomes an issue.


FUT #1, ~ 1600 grafts hairline (Ron Shapiro 2004)

FUT #2 ~ 2000 grafts frontal third (Ziering 2011)

FUT #3 ~ 1900 grafts midscalp (Ron Shapiro early 2015)

FUE ~ 1500 grafts frontal third, side scalp, FUT scar repair --300 beard, 1200 scalp (Ron Shapiro, late 2016)




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